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Centrifuge Signature Series Work Gun TSR-15S Rifle


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Centrifuge Signature Series Work Gun TSR-15S Rifle

*****Accessories pictured are not included.*****

Barrel Features a 13.9″, 14.5″, or 16″ TRACK 2.0 barrel with a mid-length gas system (13.9″ and 14.5″ barrels will require a muzzle device to be permanently attached in accordance with ATF regulations)
Upper/Lower Hand-fitted serial numbered Matched Mil-Spec Forged Upper / Lower receiver set
BCG TRIARC NP3 Coated Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier w/ Enhanced 5 Coil Extractor Spring
Muzzle Device HUXWRX/OSS Extended Flash Hider (Pinned)
Hand Guard 13″ TRILOK for 13.9″ and 14.5″ Barrels or 15″ TRILOK for 16″ Barrel
Gas Block TRIARC Systems Low Profile Gas Block (Pinned)
Charging Handle Radian Ambidextrous Charging Handle
Trigger TRIARC Systems Mil-Spec Trigger Group
Stock + Grip Magpul MOE SL Stock w/ MOE grip
Buffer System Sprinco Enhanced Buffer Spring (Blue) with H1 Buffer
Safety + Bolt Catch/Release Radian Ambidextrous Safety Selector + Geissele Maritime Enhanced Bolt Catch/Release
Receiver Mil-Spec 6 position receiver extension

The Centrifuge Work Gun was configured by William Petty of Centrifuge Training to be the optimum work gun for the modern officer. Through countless hours of training, instruction, and research he has provided a platform that will give the end user high-quality performance on demand.

Built around a TRACK 2.0 barrel, it features a matching serialized upper and lower receiver set and enhanced springs. All of our firearms are hand-fitted to ensure each firearm is well balanced with an average weight of ~6 lbs. This rifle has superior recoil management, increased longevity, extreme reliability, and is capable of sub-MOA accuracy with duty-grade ammunition.

 ***Griffin Armament M2 Flip-Up Front and Rear Sight Set are now installed on all Centrifuge Work Guns***


In stock

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Centrifuge Signature Series Work Gun


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