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Critical Precision Pistol Course July 25-26

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Reality Defense, Inc., with TRIARC System’s TRIARC Training Program (TTP), will be hosting Tactical Options Critical Precision Pistol Course. This course is a 16-hour performance program constructed to develop the necessary critical capabilities to only Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, and vetted Civilians who may be involved in immediate threat situations that require critical rapid decisions and execution of deliberate threat reduction methods with their pistol. Skillsets and motor skills will be developed through phases progressive development that is designed for the individual to understand and implement proper mindset, fundamental application and accountability, critical situational analysis and execution, principles of various threat contingencies, and efficiency techniques when defense is required with proper fundamental shot placement.

Critical Precision Pistol Course is basic to intermediate stage performance course. Civilians must have prior approved pistol training. Registered Civilians may be asked to provide documentation of prior training to be vetted for approval of attendance following correspondence.

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This 2-Day Program and Course Objectives Includes:
– Expeditionary Mindset Development: Proactive vs Reactive upon Immediate Threat/s
– Thought Process on Body Armor, Kit Set Up, and Concealment: Principle / SOP vs Shooter Solution
– Pistol Safe Handling Skills
– Pistol Fundamental Application and Weapon Mechanical Skillset Development
– Various Pistol Carry Configurations
– Grouping Drills at Known Distances: Understanding Proper Sight Pictures and Holds, Trigger
Manipulation, and Grip Management
– Precision Shot Accuracy Drills Focused on Low Percentage Shots
– Deliberate Pistol Draw and Presentation
– Moving and Shooting with Sight Tracking Recoil Management Processes
– Weak-side Draws and Engagement Drills
– Barricade Occupation and Clearance Methods: Hasty vs Deliberate
– Target Transition / Multi-Threat Engagement Methods
– Magazine Changes / One Hand Magazine Changes / Tac-Mag Reloads and Threat Follow Through
– Multi-Threat Engagements Methods and Stress Drills
– Various Body Positions Determined by Situation
– Weapon Malfunctions Clearance Procedures and Threat Reduction Follow Through
– Weapon Manipulation Techniques
– Multi-Round Engagement, Cadence Fire, with Grip Management Control Methods
– Three-Dimensional Thought Application and Threat Engagement Process
– Target Discrimination
– Critical Task Evaluation Development
– Post Threat Engagement Procedures
– Focal Cognitive and Sub-conscious Motor Skill Drills

Required Equipment:
– Functioning Semi-Automatic Pistol (RMR’s authorized)
– Pistol Belt Holster, Drop Leg Holster, Tac-Gun Belt System, or IWB Holster (No SERPA Holsters allowed)
– Minimum of Two Magazine Carrier System
– 5 Functioning Pistol Magazines
– Tac Vest / Body Armor Authorized (Optional)
– 800 Pistol Training Ball Rounds
– Training Uniform or Range Clothes
– Ballistic Eye Protection
– Ear Protection (Noise Cancelling most recommended)
– Gloves (Optional)
– Knee and Elbow Pads (Optional)
– Weapon Cleaning Kit with Lubricant (None will be provided)
– Spare Batteries for Optics (None will be provided)
– Water, Snacks, Lunch (1-hour break will be provided and allow chow run)

For more information please contact Jonas Polson at [email protected]