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JP Enterprises Competition Compensator 1/2X28 .223 Stainless


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JP Enterprises Competition Compensator, 1/2 x 28 with exit hole for .223.
.750 OD at threaded end
Stainless Finish

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Tweaked over multiple iterations, the Competition Compensator lineup comes within striking distance. With ports tuned to match the RE Series as close as possible, these comps shoot flat and hold neutral. For the hungry competitor, that means getting back on target cracking followup shots as fast as possible. This compensator meets and maximizes the potential allowed by the 1″ x 3″ dimensional rule, making it SOF/Tactical/USPSA Limited legal and optimal. Package includes compensator, crush washer and instruction sheet.


Extremely balanced and neutral fire

Redirects muzzle gasses to cancel out a large portion of recoil impulse

Provides dramatically improved sight recovery for faster follow-up shots

Minimized muzzle rise

Reduced recoil fatigue

Longer design to allow for pin-and-weld installation on shorter barrels

SOF/Tactical/USPSA Limited legal American made