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HUXWRX 5.56 Extended Flash Hider Pinnable – Optimized for 13.9″ and 14.5″ Barrels


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FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: FREE Pin & Weld service with the purchase of HUXWRX Extended Flash Hider!


The HUXWRX Extended Flash Hider is now long enough to pin and weld on our 13.9″ TRACK 2.0 Barrel.

This muzzle device is compatible with all HX-QD 556, HX-QD 762, and HX-QD Magnum Ti suppressors. HUXWRX Safety Co. Part Number 2154UB.

In stock

Pin & Weld Service on Customer Provided Upper *

Remove Current Muzzle Device

ADDITIONAL COST – This option is ONLY for those who need to remove a muzzle device that is currently pinned

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