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HUXWRX ( OSS ) RAD 9 and RAD 45 Pistol Suppressor


Lightweight and modular, the RAD 9/45 Pistol Suppressor (Silencer)  is built with our next-generation Flow-Baffle™ technology, substantially reducing gas blowback while maintaining superior pistol performance. You’ll feel the difference the first time you shoot.

OSS’s innovative Flow-Baffle design is based on our patented and proven Flow-Through® technology. Flow-Baffles direct expanding gas away from the bore line, and radial grooves route them forward through the suppressor and away from the shooter.

RAD 9 Long / Short Configuration Specs:

Length: 7.7″ / 5.15″
Weight: 9.1 oz. / 5.9 oz.

RAD 45 Long / Short Configuration Specs:

Length: 8.6″ / 6.4″
Weight: 10.3 oz. / 7.6 oz.

Please make sure your FFL is also an SOT holder as well since this is an NFA item.