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TRIARC Systems Custom Cerakote ( protective ceramic coatings ) Services


TRIARC Systems Cerakote Department is now offering Cerakote work for all. We are currently offering Cerakote on all items (excluding rubber), this includes Triarc and non-Triarc products along with non firearm related products. We offer all of our multicam options along with any single color listed on Cerakote’s website. Multicam options are listed in the dropdown menu below. Please send in your parts disassembled as there will be a disassembly fee.

For any questions or quotes on large orders or non firearm related products email [email protected]

The Current Lead Time is up to 5 weeks!

Click on the magnifying glass to get Cerakote name.

Please select the parts that needs Cerakote work

Please upload your drivers license if you are sending in a lower or pistol frame.

(max file size 100 MB)