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Fill out the form to become a TRIARC dealer.

We at TRIARC Systems would like to personally thank you for your interest in our company and products.

Dealers/Distributors play a vital role with getting our weapon systems in the hands of end users. Dealers and Distributors can order any of our custom builders, TRIARC Systems Extended/A5 buffer tube, Easy Pin Gas Block, and any future accessories that we may sell.

We also offer custom laser engraving services for short barreled rifles. We have two variable power programmable diode laser on-site that we can use to engrave custom logos or text onto your firearms. This can be especially beneficial for any “high dollar” customers you may have that are looking for a more personalized weapon. Distributors will receive discounted pricing on laser services, and we require the logo/text to be sent to us via email for accurate pricing and rendering. Combined with the customer laser engraving service, we are also a Certified Cerakote Applicator.

Pricing and discounts are as follows: $5,000 Minimum Order

    – <$50,000 in purchases
    – Dealer discount rate is 15% off
    – If/when Dealer reaches $50,000+, they are upgraded to Distributor pricing (Ex. Initial order of $13,000 is submitted, secondary order of $37,000 is submitted, this secondary order will qualify for a 20% Distributor discount because secondary order puts total orders at $50,000+).

   – >$50,000+ in purchases
   – Distributor discount rate is 20% off
   – Discounted laser engraving service
      If you are unable to sell your TRIARC Systems firearm after 12 months please reach out to us regarding our free inventory rotation program.

      First order submissions requires full invoice payment prior to weapons being shipped, after the first order is completed we offer Net 30 terms for all following orders for Dealers and Distributors.