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TRIARC Systems is a company composed of individuals with various backgrounds of military service. Based on our experience, we understand the need to rely on, depend on, and trust issued weapon systems. We admire the role that law enforcement officers fulfill in our community and believe they should never have to second guess the reliability of their equipment. That’s why our mission is to provide tailored solutions and weapon systems for professional end users, especially where it’s needed most — the law enforcement community.

Listed below are some of the many options that are only available through TRIARC Systems:

  • Customizable features for the end user to control, such as ambidextrous fire controls.
  • TRACK barrel features Proprietary Rifling that allows for greater accuracy and longevity with designated suppressed barrel options.
  • Nickel Teflon metal plating ( NP3 ) on mechanical parts and the barrel extension to improve reliability, resistance to corrosion, less friction, and ease of maintenance.
  • Improved springs that not only give the weapon systems better stability but also increase service life on small parts.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts, along with select, complimentary scheduled maintenance services.
  • Our trade-in program allows departments to apply credit from equipment that is no longer in use, or past its service life, to the balance of the new Invoice.

*Note: The value of equipment traded in will be assessed by TRIARC Systems. All trade-in equipment that is sold will be in accordance with BATF regulations, only to Federally Licensed dealers (no private sales), and all department markings will be removed before resale.


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