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10.3″ Chrome lined TRACK 2.0 SOCOM Profile – Limited Overrun


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This 5.56 Chambered 10.3″ TRACK™ barrel is machined from 4150V grade Mil-Spec B-1159E Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium (CrMoV) w/ a PHOSPHATE finish and Phosphate Coated barrel extension

Length 10.3″
Material 4150V grade Mil-Spec B-11595E Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium (CrMoV) Chrome lined chamber and rifling
Profile 10.3″ MK18 SOCOM Profile
Finish Phosphate
Extension Finish Phosphate
Gas System Carbine Length
Gas Block Journal .750″ Diameter w/ 2″ journal, .070 Gas Port diameter
Twist Rate 1/7″
Muzzle 1/2 x 28 Threaded
Weight 23.5 oz / 1lb 7.5oz / Heavy
Other Info Barrels are turned on centers and never chopped down from longer lengths
Patent Number WO 2013074132 A1


All NFA/ATF Rules Apply
You may use this barrel with a lower receiver that is a Registered SBR, Machine Gun, or Pistol. Possession of this barrel along with a Non-NFA lower receiver is Prohibited, except when installed on a Pistol configuration firearm.

Introducing TRACK™ 2.0 barrels, exclusively from TRIARC Systems. 

TRACK™ is a proprietary rifling known as Single Edge Polygonal (SEP) available through TRIARC Systems. The primary function of this innovation is to provide an improved rifling for a gun barrel, which has a single edge area and a polygonal area separating the grooves. In essence, it is a combination of standard and polygonal rifling.

This hybrid reduces any substantial deformation of the bullet due to its minimal engraving. It allows the bullet to move more symmetrically along the barrel, enabling a straighter line toward the target. Furthermore, the tighter seal of the projectile reduces forward escaping gases, and therefore, minimizes loss of gas pressure. Ultimately, this design has the capability of shooting match grade ammunition at sub MOA accuracy.

As an evolution of this barrel, This TRACK™ 2.0 barrel features a Phosphate finish on the barrel extension that enhances the barrel’s resistance to wear.

The history of the MK18 program that CRANE started was originally done by cutting down 14.5″ M4’s to the 10.3″ spec to fill a CQB type role for SOF units from around 2008-2013.


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Out of stock

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