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M81 Ano Cerakote® for Receiver Set and Handguard


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Cerakote® services only.

For customers sending in their personal receiver set and handguard.

Introducing the TRIARC Systems Ano M81 Cerakote® Finish

– New, in-house developed, Cerakote® finish that is adapted from the classic and traditional M81 (Woodland Camouflage)

– We recommend shipping with FedEx or UPS.  Receiver set, handguard, and/or stock and grip can be shipped to us at:

2500 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd Mansfield, TX 76063 USA

– When shipping, package your item along with the following information:

  • Order
  • Name
  • Copy of your Driver’s License 

**The M81 Coating is done in a limited batch release.  Limited slots are available.  Books will reopen when all current slots have been fulfilled and shipped**

In stock

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