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Surefire Ryder 9-Ti Suppressor – Lightly Used/Test Fired


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Surefire Ryder 9-Ti Suppressor

Designed specifically for 9 mm pistols and rifles, the SF® Ryder 9-Ti’s titanium exterior construction makes it ultra-lightweight, minimally affecting weapon handling without sacrificing strength. Inside, its durable heat-treated, stainless steel baffles are indexed and numbered for easy disassembly, cleaning and reassembly. You can also remove a 2-inch module from the front portion of the suppressor to reduce overall length. The 9-Ti’s proprietary pig-nose baffles precisely direct gases from fired rounds for superior sound attenuation and reduced muzzle blast, while built-in spacers help reduce carbon buildup. A tough, Cerakote® finish — available in two colors — adds durability. Models are available to fit 1/2×28 or M13.5×1 threaded barrels. Note: Fixed barrel spacer is required for fixed-barrel applications (sold separately).

Surefire Ryder 9-Ti

  • The original titanium SF Ryder suppressor for 9 mm pistols and rifles
  • Pig-nose stainless steel baffles provide exceptional sound reduction
  • Modular design offers customizable length option


In stock

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