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TRIARC Mil-Spec AR15 BCG – Black Nitride 556 / 300 BLK


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Material: Case Hardened 8620 steel

Finish: Black Nitride

Cam Pin: Hardened 4140 cam pin

Firing Pin: 17-4 stainless steel

Bolt Assembly: Machined from case hardened 9310 steel then shot-peened, heat treated, and 100% MPI tested per US Mil-Spec.
*Properly heat treated 9310 steel is on average 8% stronger than Mil-Spec standard Carpenter 158 steel, making the bolt stronger than the Mil-Spec standard*

Extractor: Billet 4140 steel

Extractor Spring *Upgraded*: Cryogenically treated 5 Coil Enhanced Extractor Spring for increased reliability

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In stock