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TRIARC Systems Mil-Spec AR15 5.56 BCG – NP3 Coated


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****Coating Notes*****

NP3 is a surface treatment for various metals and alloys that combines sub-micron particles of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) with autocatalytically applied nickel/phosphorus. The result is an accurately applied, dry lubricated, low friction surface that is extremely hard and resistant to wear. When cleaning is required, the effort needed is minimal – usually requiring only a soft cloth. NP3® is very corrosion-resistant.


    • Increases reliability.
    • It requires little to no oil for lubrication, although we recommend using some oil during break-in.
    • Accurate and even coatings on all activated surfaces.
    • Permits firing for extended periods between cleaning, as dirt and powder residue has no wet or oily surface to cling to.
    • NP3® has a microhardness of 48-51 Rockwell as plated (nickel matrix).
    • NP3® is very corrosion resistant, with a 1 mil (.001) coating exceeding a 250-hour salt spray test.
    • NP3® has high lubricity and low friction coefficient; therefore, the life expectancy of a firearm will be greatly increased due to reduced friction wear.
    • The coating is strippable with no effect on the base metal, allowing other coatings or a new coating of NP3® to be applied, if necessary.
    • NP3® plated onto stainless steel guns will prevent galling, a problem common with stainless steel.
    • NP3® is a satin gray, non-reflective color ideal for all firearms.
    • NP3® can be plated to all internal parts giving a smoothness to the action not found with any other coating.
    • In cases where the NP3® has been perforated, the corrosion shows no tendency to spread or migrate under the coating.
    • NP3® is guaranteed against corrosion, peeling, or flaking for the lifetime of the firearm.

Material: Case Hardened 8620 Steel
Finish: NP3
Gas Key: 4140 Steel, a
Cam Pin: Hardened 4140 cam pin
Firing Pin: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Bolt Assembly: Machined from case hardened 9310 steel then shot-peened, heat treated & 100% MPI tested per US Mil-Spec
*Properly heat treated 9310 steel is on average 8% stronger than Mil-Spec standard Carpenter 158 steel, making the bolt stronger than the Mil-Spec standard*

Extractor: Billet 4140
Extractor Spring: Upraged Cryogenically treated 5 Coil Enhanced Extractor Spring from Sprinco USA to further  increased reliability



P/N: BCG-15-NP3


Out of stock

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