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TRIARC Systems Easy Pin Gas Block


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 The TRIARC Easy Pin Gas Block’s design aids it to be quickly pinned to your barrel. The pre-cut hole means there is no wasted time by drilling through the gas block. This pre-cut hole is positioned low enough, so only the necessary amount of material from your barrel is removed to ensure a “bombproof” installation. Since there is less material to remove, pinning the barrel is easier to accomplish with a standard hand drill or drill press. We always recommend that a competent gunsmith do the installation. However, because of the gas block’s design, it is much easier for the home builder to accomplish the pinning of the gas block without catastrophic damage to the barrel or gas block.


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 TRIARC Easy Pin Gas Block features: 

Black Nitride Finish 

4140 Steel Construction 

Low Profile to Fit Inside All Handguards 

.750” Internal Diameter 

Pre-Cut for Easy Pinning 

Gas Efficiency Through Exacting Tolerances 

Comes with: 

Gas Block 

2- Knurled Set Screws 

1- 5/64 Stainless Coiled Roll Pin 

1- 1/8 Stainless Coiled Roll Pin 

Tools Needed: 

Drill Press or Hand Drill 

1/8” drill bit 

Roll pin punch