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3 Day Night Vision Operators Course (LE and MIL only)

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3 Day Night Vision Operators Course (LE and MIL only)

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TRIARC Systems Night Vision Operator Course is a 30-Hour program designed to enhance execution capabilities to either a Law Enforcement Officer or Military service member on Night Vision Device and Laser systems. This course is designed to develop critical skillsets to effectively employ laser mounted optics for accurate shots, laser to light manipulation, weapon mechanics during periods of darkness, sector scan and assessment, primary to secondary weapon transition, basic urban operations under NVGs. All training stages will develop each individual to confidently manipulate NVGs while mounted and laser dial settings, holdoffs during target engagements, and movement and clearing techniques necessary for a CQB environment.

This 3-day training program and course objectives includes:

  • IR Laser Mounting, Zero, and Laser Manipulation
  • Carbine Set Up and Load Carrying System Carrying Considerations
  • Carbine Carrying Configurations and Weapon / Laser Presentation
  • Stationary Shooting with Laser Dial Manipulation
  • Grouping at Known Distances
  • Shooting and Moving, Lateral Movement and Threat Reduction Measures
  • Shooting while Moving
  • Weapon Transition
  • Barricade Shooting, Movement and Clearing Methods
  • Weapon Jams, Misfires, and Malfunction Clearance Procedures
  • Multi-Threat / Target Transition Engagement Methods
  • Speed / Emergency Reloads
  • Body Positions: Kneeling, Prone, Rollover Prone, etc.
  • Weapon Manipulation Techniques
  • Multi-Round Engagement Drills and Recoil Control Methods
  • Weapon Transition (Limited)
  • Three-Dimensional Thought Application and Threat Engagement Process
  • Cognitive and Sub-Conscious Motor Skill Development
  • Introduction and Definition to Basic CQB Principles and Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Free Flow / Initiative Based Tactics under Night Vision Devices
  • Sector Definition and Sector Control Duties and Responsibilities
  • Immediate Threshold Clearance Techniques
  • Clearance Procedures Windows, Thresholds, and Rooms
  • Single Room / Multi-Room Initiative Based Tactics Clearance Procedures
  • Hasty vs Deliberate Clearing Procedures
  • Laser Adjustment / Laser to White Light Manipulation Techniques
  • Single Man to Multi-Man Room Clearance Procedures and Techniques
  • Weapon Transition
  • Single Threat / Multi-Threat
  • Weapon Manipulation Techniques
  • Stacking Configurations
  • CQB Communication Methods
  • Hallways: 4-Way Intersections and T-Intersections
  • Sector Securement and Priorities of Work Concepts
  • Contingency Communication and Movement Methods


Cost: $750

Round Count: 1,200 Carbine Rounds, 400 Pistol, 200 Carbine Simms, 50 Rounds Pistol Simms

Required Equipment:

  • Gen III Night Vision Device, NVG Mount, and Weapon Mounted Laser Device
  • Functioning Carbine Designed to Chamber Either 5.56 x 45, 5.45×39, 300. Blackout, 7.62×39, 7.62 x 51 (Sub-Guns Firing Pistol Ammo must be pre-approved)
  • Functioning Pistol Designed to Chamber Either .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal, 10mm
  • Clear Ballistic Wrap Around Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection (Electronic Noise Cancelling Most Recommended)
  • Carbine Simms Bolt and Simms Pistol Conversion Kit
  • Issued Body Armor and Helmet
  • 5 Functional Carbine and 5 Functional Pistol Magazines (Single Stack Bring More)
  • Mounted Tac-Light for both Pistol and Carbine, or Handheld (Recommend Spare Batteries are Brought. None Will Be Provided)
  • Weapon Lubricant and Cleaning Kit
  • Extra Batteries