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Critical Pistol Precision 2 Day Course

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Critical Pistol Precision 2 Day Course

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TRIARC Systems Critical Precision Pistol Course is a 20 hour performance program constructed to develop necessary capabilities to Law Enforcement Officers and Military involved in immediate threat situations that require critical rapid decisions and execution of deliberate threat reduction methods with their pistol. Skillsets and motor skills will be developed through phases progressive development that is designed for the individual to understand and implement proper fundamental application, critical situational analysis and execution, principles of various threat contingencies, and efficiency techniques when faced with an immediate threat or crisis situation.

This 2-day training program and course objectives includes:

  • Expeditionary Mindset Development: Proactive vs Reactive upon Immediate Threat/s
  • Thought Process on Body Armor and Kit Set Up: Principle / SOP vs Shooter Solution
  • Pistol Safe Handling Skills
  • Weapon Fundamental Application and Weapon Mechanical Skillset Development
  • Various Pistol Carry Configurations
  • Grouping Drills at Known Distances: Understanding Proper Sight Pictures and Holds, Trigger Manipulation, and Grip Management
  • Precision Shot Accuracy Drills Focused on Low Percentage Shots
  • Deliberate Pistol Draw and Presentation
  • Moving and Shooting
  • Weak-side Draws and Engagement Drills
  • Barricade Occupation and Clearance Methods: Hasty vs Deliberate
  • Target Transition / Multi-Threat Engagement Methods
  • Magazine Changes / One Hand Magazine Changes / Tac-Mag Reloads and Threat Follow Through
  • Multi-Threat Engagements Methods and Stress Drills
  • Various Body Positions Determined by Situation
  • Weapon Malfunctions Clearance Procedures and Threat Reduction Follow Through
  • Weapon Manipulation Techniques
  • Multi-Round Engagement with Grip Management Control Methods
  • Three-Dimensional Thought Application and Threat Engagement Process
  • Target Discrimination
  • Critical Task Evaluation Development
  • Post Threat Engagement Procedures
  • Focal Cognitive Drills


Cost: $500.00

Round Count: 800 Pistol Rounds

Required Equipment:

  • Automatic Functioning Pistol Designed to Chamber Either .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal, 10mm.
  • Clear Ballistic Wrap Around Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection (Electronic Noise Cancelling Most Recommended)
  • Concealable, OTW, or Tac Holster (Must accommodate and fit for both Pistol and Tac-Light)
  • Pistol Magazine Carrier (Must Hold Minimum of Two Pistol Magazines)
  • 5 Functional Pistol Magazines (Single Stack Bring More)
  • Extra Optic Batteries if Pistol Has Mounted Red Dot System (Recommend as none will be provided)
  • Weapon Lubricant and Cleaning Kit