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1 Day Vehicle Critical Pistol Program

TRIARC Systems Vehicle Threat Engagement Course is a 10-hour training program designed for the everyday Law Enforcement Offer or responsible citizen with a Pistol to enhance their fundamental shooting application and understand basic measures of defensive maneuvers in and around vehicles. This program is progresses from a basic to intermediate level stages of performance, in an immediate threat situation, that is applicable to both Law Enforcement Officers and approved citizens with prior weapons training. Students will enhance weapons fundamental application to stages of dynamic methods of employment and shot accuracy drills in and around vehicles. Students will understand proper usage of cover both hasty and deliberate, advantages and disadvantages of various vehicle cover points, that are critical in categories of defense.

This 1-day training program and course objectives includes:

  • Expeditionary Mindset and Threat Follow Through Actions
  • Practical Weapon Placement Methodologies in a Vehicle and Various Interior Carrying Configurations
  • Vehicle Engagement Contingency Thought Application and Assessment
  • Pistol Fundamental Application, Multi-Round Management Techniques
  • Pistol Speed Reloads / Tac-Mag Reloads Weapon Dynamic Safe Handling Techniques
  • Barricade / Vehicle Shooting Positions and Engagement Methods: Rollover Prone, Bend-Over Prone, Kneeling, Crouching, Etc., Confined Space Fundamental Application
  • Multiple Target Acquisition and Threat Reduction Methods
  • Engagement Methods on High Percentage vs Low Percentage Targets
  • Vehicular Engagement Maneuvers, Threat Criteria Assessment, and Split-Second Decision-Making Processes
  • Single Person Maneuver Drills and Procedural Flows: Vehicle Coverage Maneuvers in Conjunction with the Direction of the Threat
  • Weapons Malfunctions Drills, Clearance Procedures, and Threat Reduction Follow-Through
  • 3-Dimensional Threat Criteria and Problem Solving
  • Focal Cognitive Drills


Couse Cost: $325.00

Round Count: 500 Pistol Rounds

Required Equipment:

  • Functioning Pistol Designed to Chamber Either .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal, 10mm
  • Clear Ballistic Wrap Around Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection (Electronic Noise Cancelling Most Recommended)
  • Pistol Magazine Carrier (Must Be Able To Hold Minimum of Two Pistol Magazines)
  • Shooting Gloves (Optional)
  • 5 Functional Pistol Magazines (Single Stack Bring More)
  • Spare Optics Batteries (Recommended with Pistol if Outfitted with RedDot)
  • Weapon Lubricant and Cleaning Kit