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3 Day CQB Train The Trainer

TRIARC Systems Train-the-Trainer Close Quarter Combat Course is a 30-hour program designed to enhance instructor capabilities to Law Enforcement Training elements or Military Personnel in leadership roles. Students will instructed on understanding critical CQC principles, fundamentals, and efficiency techniques. Students will leave will better comprehensive teaching base and terminology to better define principle, fundamentals, and individual to team coaching. Instructors / Leaders will be shown how to advance individual performance through a variety of building blocks to enhance training environments, scenarios, and cover contingencies applicable to any Law Enforcement involved in domestic / urban environment threat situations or Military in Urban Military Environments

This 3-day training program and course objectives includes:

  • Classroom review of CQCB Principles, Fundamentals, Procedural Flows, CQB Definitions and Terminology, SOP / TTP Development, CQB Training, Sustainment Training Calendar Planning with Limited Resources, Development of Training, Task, Condition, and Standards
  • Department / Unit CQB Training Safety Considerations, Safety Brief, and Standards: Live Fire, Simms, and Dry Flows
  • Introduction and Definition to Basic CQB Principles and Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Free Flow / Initiative Based Tactics
  • Building Exterior Stacking Methods: Single vs Split and Isolation and Containment
  • Building Approach Threat Considerations
  • Exterior Multi-team / Multi-breachpoint procedures: Hasty vs Deliberate
  • Sector Defined and Sector Control Duties and Responsibilities
  • Immediate Threshold Clearance Techniques
  • Clearance Procedures Windows, Thresholds, and Rooms
  • Single Room / Multi-Room Initiative Based Tactics Clearance Procedures
  • Deadspace and Opposing Threat Clearance Procedures
  • Single Man to Multi-Man Room Clearance Procedures and Techniques
  • Individual Duties and Responsibilities during Room Clearance and Post Room Securement
  • Clearing with a Pistol vs Carbine and Weapon Transition
  • Single Threat / Multi-Threat Reduction Methods
  • Target Discrimination: Threat / Non-Threat Recognition and Use of Force
  • Weapon Manipulation Techniques
  • Communication Methods
  • Stacking Configurations
  • CQB / SOP Communication Methods
  • Marking SOP Development
  • Hallways: 4-Way Intersections and T-Intersections
  • Hallway Occupation and Control Methods
  • Hallway Movement and Clearance Procedures
  • Stairway Clearing Procedures: Hasty vs Deliberate
  • Sector Securement and Priorities of Work Concepts
  • Post Threat Engagement Procedures
  • Building Securement Considerations with Limited Personnel
  • Officer / Teammate Down Considerations and Executions
  • Friendly / Teammate / Civilian Casualty Movement during Building CQC Execution
  • TACSOP Development / CQB Instructor Training Slides / CQB Safety Policy and Safety Brief Documents


Cost: $750.00

Round Count: 450 Carbine Simms Rounds and 200 Simms Pistol Rounds

Required Equipment:

  • Pen and Note Taking Material
  • Training Uniform
  • Workable Carbine and Pistol (No Suppressors)
  • Simms Conversion kits for both Carbine and Pistol
  • Department Approved Simms Personal Protective Clothing
  • Ear and Amplified Hearing Protection (Must Have Clear Eye Lenses)
  • Full Tactical Kit: Body Armor w/ Magazine Carriers, Helmet, Pistol Holster, and Gloves
  • 5 Carbine and 5 Pistol Magazines
  • Weapons Cleaning Kit and Lubricant