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3 Day Initiative Based Tactics Course

TRIARC Systems Initiative Based Tactics Course is a 30-hour performance CQB program designed to enhance any Law Enforcement Officer or Military Personnel on critical skillsets necessary to efficiently execute Close Quarters Combat / Initiative Based Tactics. Instruction will be a building platform of learning critical principles, fundamentals, and efficiency techniques for both individual to collective tactical elements. Elements and individuals will leave with enhanced capabilities required for mission planning and execution, SOP / TTP development, procedural flows and communications, and mindset that is applicable to any High Risk Warrant, Crisis, or Urban Clearing Operations.

This 3-day training program and course objectives includes:

  • Introduction and Definition to Basic CQB Principles and Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Free Flow / Initiative Based Tactics
  • Mission Planning, Threat Analysis, Execution Contingencies Considerations
  • Exterior Primary and Alternate Breachpoint Movement and Entry Procedures: Hasty vs Deliberate
  • Exterior Multi-team / Multi-breachpoint procedures: Hasty vs Deliberate
  • Sector Defined and Sector Control Duties and Responsibilities
  • Immediate Threshold Clearance Techniques
  • Clearance Procedures Windows, Thresholds, and Rooms
  • Single Room / Multi-Room Initiative Based Tactics Clearance Procedures
  • Deadspace and Opposing Threat Clearance Procedures
  • Breaching Methods and Breach Stacking Configurations (Must contact to coordinate)
  • Hasty vs Deliberate Clearing Procedures
  • Single Man to Multi-Man Room Clearance Procedures and Techniques
  • Weapon Transition
  • Single Threat / Multi-Threat Reduction Methods
  • Target Discrimination: Threat / Non-Threat Recognition and Use of Force
  • Weapon Manipulation Techniques
  • Communication Methods
  • Stacking Configurations
  • Deliberate / Hasty Flashbang Procedures and Stacking Configurations (If provided by requesting team)
  • Ballistic Breaching: Interior vs Exterior and Exterior (Must contact to coordinate)
  • CQB Communication Methods
  • Marking SOP Development
  • Hallways: 4-Way Intersections and T-Intersections
  • Hallway Occupation and Control Methods
  • Stairway Clearing Procedures: Hasty vs Deliberate
  • Corridor Establishment: When / Duties and Responsibilities / Staging / Casualty and / or Hostage Movement
  • Sector Securement and Priorities of Work Concepts
  • Post Assault Procedures
  • CCP / Casualty Movement Procedures
  • Urban Movement: Hasty vs Deliberate Movement and Clearance Techniques (Based Upon Suitable Training Area that Allows Movement)
  • Urban Movement Casualty / Hostage Control and Exfil Procedures
  • Wall Climbing (Limited) / Ladder Emplacement Movement Techniques (Contingent on Multi-Story Training Structure and Team Ladder Systems)
  • Multi-Level Team Placement and Assault Concepts (Must Provide Ladder Systems and Have Training Site with a Minimal Two-Story Structure)
  • Introduction to Hostage Rescue: Crisis Point vs Crisis Site Planning and Execution
  • TACSOP Development


Cost: $750.00

Round Count: 450 Carbine Simms Rounds and 200 Simms Pistol Rounds

Required Equipment:

  • Workable Carbine and Pistol (No Suppressors)
  • Simms Conversion kits for both Carbine and Pistol
  • Department Approved Simms Personal Protective Clothing
  • Ear and Amplified Hearing Protection (Must Have Clear Eye Lenses)
  • Full Tactical Kit: Body Armor w/ Magazine Carriers, Helmet, Pistol Holster, and Gloves
  • 5 Carbine and 5 Pistol Magazines
  • Weapons Cleaning Kit and Lubricant
  • Mechanical Breach Tools and Carrier Systems (If Approved)
  • Ballistic Breaching Tools and Carrier Systems (If Approved)