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Elevated Precision Explosive Course

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Elevated Precision Explosive Course

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TRIARC Systems Elevated Precision Explosive Course is a 30-hour program designed to develop critical capabilities and skillsets for assaulters / LEO’s on breachers theory, calculation and placement, and precision application methods. Breachers will be taught real world execution methods, target planning / breacher considerations / contingencies, briefing, charge construction, and various tactics, techniques, and procedures on explosive breaching. Breachers will leave will knowledge and capability on elevated entry methods for High Risk Warrant Service, Crisis, or Military Operations though a series of progressive training blocks.

This 3-day training program and course objectives includes:

  • Explosive Safe Handling: Charge Construction, Training, and Real-World Application
  • Explosive History, Theory, Explosive Train
  • Target Analysis: Known, Commonalities, Unknowns / Planning and Contingency Preparation
  • Mathematic Calculations: Net Explosive Weight, Minimal Safe Distance, Blast Fragmentation External / Internal
  • Explosive Charge Construction: Various External Door Charges, Internal Precision Breach Charges, Window Pole Breach, Various Tamping and Buffer Methods, Single and Dual Initiators
  • Breach Reports, Data Collection, and Explosive Result Analysis
  • Team SOP Charge Distribution Development, Kit Preparation and Charge / Initiator Attachment Methods
  • Breacher Duties and Responsibilities
  • Hasty / Compromise and Deliberate External Breach Point Approach and Stacking Procedures
  • Hasty and Deliberate Multi-Breach Point Execution Procedures
  • Failed Breach Point and Misfire Procedures Exterior / Interior, and Planned Contingency Execution
  • Single Stacking vs Split-Stack
  • Explosive Breach with Immediate Threat Follow Throughs
  • Target Door Charge Placement and Safety Control Methods
  • Interior Room Explosive Breach Point Procedures
  • Hallway Explosive Breach Point Procedures
  • Multi-Obstacle Dynamic Explosive Breach Stress Lanes
  • Exterior / Interior Explosive Wall Breach (Approved and Implemented Based Off Training Site Location and Capabilities)


Cost: Contact for Pricing and Coordination for Hosting Department / Agency

Equipment Required:

  • Simms: 90 Rounds Carbine and 50 Rounds Pistol
  • Carbine and Pistol with Simms Conversion Kits
  • Body Armor with Soft Armor Inserts and either Level III / IV Plates. No Stand Alones
  • Ballistic Helmet
  • Clear and Tinted Ballistic Lenses
  • Amplified Hearing Protection and Ear Insert Hearing Protection
  • Gloves
  • Elbow and Knee Pads (Optional)
  • Field Training Uniform
  • Note Taking Material