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Energetic Mechanical and Ballistic Breach Course

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Energetic Mechanical and Ballistic Breach Course

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TRIARC Systems Energetic Mechanical and Ballistic Breach Course is a 20-hour program designed for law enforcement officers / assaulters to increase efficiency on their internal entry and flowing capabilities. Breachers will fully understand rapid employment of breaching tools, communication methods, and dynamic procedural flows. Teams will understand order of movement upon external breach points, targt door assessment, communication methods, and mission essential tool distribution. Ballistic breachers will be trained on pro’s and con’s of ballistic breaching, manipulation techniques, and capabilities of various rounds for effective clean breaches. All capabilities are applicable and necessary for LEO Tac Teams conducting high risk warrant services, crisis, barricaded suspect, and military personnel conducting urban energetic entry type operations.

This 2-Day program and course objectives includes:

  • Mission Analysis and Mission Essential Tool Selection
  • Ballistic Breaching Shotgun Safe Handling and Loading / Unloading Techniques
  • Definition of Various Mechanical Tools and Capabilities / Limitations
  • Ballistic Breacher Selection of Rounds: Types, Capabilities, Limitations
  • Ballistic Breach Mission Load Set Up and Shotgun Stowage Methods
  • Team Mechanical Breacher Mission Load Set Up and Stowage Methods
  • External Breach Hasty vs Deliberate Target Door Approach, OOM, and Stacking Methods
  • Failed Breach Contingency Planning and Execution
  • Breach Point Analysis and Attack Points for both Mechanical and B allistic Breaching
  • Window Entry Clearance, Security, and Breach and Rake Techniques (If windows are available)
  • Interior Breach Communication Methods and Procedural Flows
  • Quick Saw Operator Efficiency Cutting Techniques and Procedural Flows
  • Hallways Breach Methods
  • Tool Recovery Methods during Assault
  • Elevated Breaching, Room Entry Procedural Flow, Threat Reduction Follow Through
  • Multi-breach Stress Lanes


Costs: Contact for Pricing as Hosting Department / Agency

Equipment Required:

  • Simms: 90 Rounds Carbine, 50 Rounds Pistol
  • Carbine and Pistol with Simms Conversion Kits
  • Unit Mechanical Tools
  • Unit Issued Ballistic Breach Shotgun
  • Body Armor with Soft Armor Inserts and either Level III / IV Plates. No Stand Alones
  • Ballistic Helmet
  • Clear and Tinted Ballistic Lenses
  • Amplified Hearing Protection and Ear Insert Hearing Protection
  • Gloves
  • Elbow and Knee Pads (Optional)
  • Field Training Uniform
  • Note Taking Material